Monday, 15 December 2008

I have decided that anything I want to blog about that doesn't fit in my main blogs will be put here. mainly my "visual" art but also views and comments.


troylloyd said...

was there something specific that triggered your interest in anarchism?

i'm curious how you came around to adopt the position, it fascinates me how people form their particular worldview & the outgrowth of serious investigation -- you've been reading your eyeballs out ain't ya?

mike cannell said...

yeah, I've been reading a LOT. I was allways interested in anarchism but wasn't sure it could work. I became a nationalist (very right wing), but had a major crisis of faith ( mainly caused by realisation about my own sexuality-along with other stuff) and my whole belief system was called into question. I discovered anarchist videos on youtube, found ebook versions of anarchist texts and "read my eyeballs off". I am now a firm beliver in anarchism. I'll talk to you in more detail on MSN next time your on.