Monday, 29 December 2008

Things/people I can do without. (I'm amazed the list is this big. makes me look misanthropic)

1. Red-tape

2. Sticklers

3. Narrow-minded people

4. People who look at things and say “that’s not art” or “that’s not poetry”, without actually giving a reasonable explanation, as though that is a reason in itself.

5. People who seem to take a dislike or want to have nothing to do with me without actually giving me a chance.

6. People who completely shut their mind to any theory or fact that doesn’t fit into their world view. They usually label these things “conspiracy theories”.

7. Politicians.

8. Governments and authority in general.

9. People who seem to think representational democracy is the only way to go and won’t listen to any alternatives.

10. People who insist on having their own definition of something and go into a discussion as though it’s the same as everyone else’s and when people say something they disagree with they quibble about the definition instead of actually coming up with a valid criticism.

11. People who claim to believe in free speech, and yet obviously don’t.

12. Charles Saatchi and the domination of contemporary art by the whims of capitalist philistines.

13. This notion that art is somehow a commodity and that we should somehow judge artists and art on how much pieces go for, rather than any aesthetic or intellectual value.

14. Populist greeting card poetry. By this I mean the trivial, pedestrian, rhyming-on-every-line-because-you-have-to type of poetry. If it were a colour it would be beige. I’m sure there are fellow poets who will know what I’m on about.

15. People who hate or love a band solely on whether they are “mainstream” or not. These people are generally not happy with a band unless it’s just one man and his dog living in a cave miles from anywhere who likes them. It’s elitist and petty. Like the band because they’re actually GOOD (to you at least).

16. Celebrity- there was a time when people were famous for actually doing something of value in some way.

17. Any programme with celebrity or star in the title.

18. Bible-bashers, especially when they knock on my door. Not spiritual people, just people who preach at people.

19. People who assume because you like a certain thing, such as particular type of music, this somehow defines who you are.

20. Elitism.

21. Political correctness and any attempt to control what people think and say beyond slander, and even that could be sorted out within a community without a higher power being involved.

22. People who can’t tell the difference between an argument and a discussion.

23. Muzac

24. When news reporters on television or the radio speak for the rest of us and somehow assume they know what everyone thinks or believes.

25. The assertion that if you dislike or criticise the Israeli government you are somehow anti-Semitic.

26. The way celebrities exploit problems such as third-world starvation to look good and to assuage their guilt.

27. Live aid, world aid and all the rest. If they truly worked at it or cared about the problem would be solved by now, surely. Where’s that money going?

28. Capitalists and big business people who give to charity, as if this makes them better people and it somehow excuse them for the horrible things they do.

29. People who try to be so right on and trendy left just because they want to look good, and not because they actual have convictions. Having values and standards is important ,people.

30. People who blindly follow and believe in a leader, like they are actually going to change anything in a positive way. Leaders never look care about the people. it's all about the elites and special interests. we can do without them.

31. Hard to find rooms in universities.

32. People who assume I know who is in the charts or who a particular celebrity is.

33. The global warming myth. We have to look after the environment, yes, but this current

C02 thing is a con. It’s just there to get a global carbon tax and to get humans to be self loathing.

34. Censorship

35. Surveillance

36. Press hysteria.

37. The mainstream media.

38. Obsession with trivialities

39. People who write lists.

40. False flag terrorism and the use of terrible events and situations by politicians in order to pass restrictive laws.

41. People who are against or for something because it’s the social norm and not because that’s what they genuinely believe.

42. Ayn Rand and objectivism in general.

43. War.

44. Avoidable hypocrisy

45. The notion that you can only have fun by being completely off your face on some intoxicant or other, and that people actually want to listen to you boasting about how smashed you got. They don't. Shut. up.

46. Opinion polls

47. Reported figures

48. Breast implants.

49. Donald Rumsfeld. Politicians in general are scum, but this guy is involved in a lot of bad things. He is the spawn of Satan. Not that I’m biased, mind you.

50. Chavs (Americans will have to look this one up).

51. Imperialism.

52. DNA databases.

53. Internet trolls.

54. Cats.

55. School uniforms.

56. The commercialisation of rebellion.

57. Religious intolerance.

58. Pedants.

59. Religions that react violently to being attacked.

60. Ben Elton.

61. So-called state-socialists and anarchists who use class to discriminate against people. If you truly want a classless society stop banging on about how you hate middle class people and actual unite and contribute to the cause in a non-violent way.

62. The royal family and aristocrats in general.

63. Marxism.

64. Control freaks.

65. The European Union.

66. People who put comments on YouTube, but don’t actually post videos themselves.

67. The military. Not the actual soldiers themselves but the concept and system itself.

68. Unfairness.

69. Flip-flops.

70. Bigotry.

71. Nuclear weapons.

72. Brown bread.

73. People who assume that because you come from somewhere you’ll speak the dialect.

74. Simon cowell and everything he represents.

75. Ignorance.

76. Winter.

77. Mainstream radio.

78. Spies

79. People having a go at ginger people. Leave them alone.

80. The general ambiance of hospitals.

81. Chat shows.

82. Capitalism.

83. Smug people in general.

84. Snobbishness.

85. Prohibition of any kind.

86. People who are offended by swearwords themselves rather than how they are used.

87. School sports.

88. Exams.

89. “Positive” discrimination.

90. Dentists.

91. David blaine

92. Whiny people who only complain for the sake of it.

93. Self-important people.

94. Dyslexia.

95. Dyscalculia.

96. Aspergers

97. Bipolar disorder.

98. Sectarianism.

99. People who blame music and computer games for society’s problems instead of actually looking at the causes and finding solutions.

100. Spam.

101. Reality television. It’s an oxymoron. TV is never real. Someone is always pointing a camera; someone is always editing the film. There is always an agenda.

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