Tuesday, 6 January 2009

don't vote.

I kind of feel sorry for people in the states who have fallen for all the Obama hysteria. the American government has been owned by the central banks since 1913!

Obama is just another stooge. just another capitalist tool. If he does change anything, it'll be bad changes. He's a council on foreign relations member(same as bush and the rest of the old lot) who chose a bunch of former bush and Clinton regime people to make up "his" government. look at one guy he chose, Rahm Emmanuel. This is a man whose dad used to blow up hotels. come on. wake up.

Governments are evil and corrupt. voting changes NOTHING.

there is this almost messianic aura surrounding Obama, which is kind of frightening.

It was really obvious that he was going to get elected.
look at the bloke he ran against. the man looked like an albino hamster. He's a multiple cancer survivor with not long left live and his vice president was a brain-dead redneck. Its so obviously fixed, I'm amazed more people didn't notice.

there will be more false-flag terror. more wars (this time in Iran). more corruption and creeping dictatorship.

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