Wednesday, 21 January 2009

obaaama! obaaama! (and other farm-yard bleats)

well, I watched some of the inauguration of America's new fuhrer and the disgusting pomp and idiotic braying of the poor fooled masses, once again taken in by the mass media . it started off with a bible bashing nut talking to his imaginary Friend. Any deity who would give approval to the imperialist war-and-money loving filth that is the American power elite isn't worth worship. The whole thing was a reiteration of the traditional capitalist imperialist vomit that has always been spewed by the american state. one thing I got from his speech is that there will be more big government. it was government this,government that. a lot of it was the same empty rhetoric. talking about American freedom. Americans aren't free. they have a government. they have an elitist, capitalist, hierarchical system on top of them. They are not free, no more then we in the UK are. I feel sorry for all those poor hoodwinked people, especially the black ones who are so filled with hope, hope that will ultimately be for nothing. Just more corporate slogans and false promises.
Just another prison without bars. Sorry this is not hope. this is just more tyranny with a diet pepsi hollywood smile.

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