Tuesday, 20 January 2009

obama,Bush,Brown (what's the difference?)

I see Obarfma is getting inaugurated today. What a crock. He's not going to change anything in a positive way. wake up. Don't fall for the media brainwashing. Don't be a sheep. just another leader.
another capitalist stooge suckling at the teat of the banker. grow up. If there any Americans reading this (I know there are), let me tell you this: get some guns,invest in gold and stock up on storable food. the economy is going down the toilet and no smiley black guy chanting "yes we can" while America burns is going to help. think for yourself. governments are bad. exchanging one for another is not going to change anything. Obama is simply another demagogue there to screw the people. Bush was so unpopular, with the left, the right and the liberals hating him. A new shiny mask had to be put on the sock-puppet, so they could put the liberals and the trendy left back to sleep. he's just another leader, another spokesman for illegitimate authority and the protection of capitalist private property. wake up sheeple. Wake up.

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