Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the capitalisation of culture

some people talk about the "Americanisation of culture" , but in actual fact the reality is that it's the domination of global capitalism and the move towards globalism. The fact that it is this faux Americana which is the dominant strain of this is that most of the main corporations are American and it is more profitable if they can market the same sort of thing to everyone. the domination of so called "western" popular culture is actually the corporations more and more standardising the different nations into one easily controlled group. Every day we are bombarded with advertisement and TV shows,films etc that influence our behaviors and dictate what is "all right" in "our society". look at Japan for instance. that place has been swamped by western capitalist shit. the number of times I have heard Japanese bands who pastiche western mass marketed ones, or seen images of Tokyo where it is covered by advertisements for western brands. non western countries are more and more forced to act like westerners. it is this attitude that people are just there to be exploited as a workforce or sold stuff that is a major feature of capitalism.

The "new world order" is real and is coming. unless we do something there will be world government. you think normal governments are bad, you try a one world government police state where you are survailed 24 hours a day (we kind of are now but you know what I mean) and are even more of a slave. The idea of the world being run by one government is a horrifying one. in the current situation, if you don't like one government you can at least move somewhere with a slightly less awful government (although all governments are bad, of course).

Globalism is an awful menace and we must spread awareness and fight it.

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