Friday, 6 February 2009

golliwog anyone?

The BBC (Bolshevik broadcasting corporation) has stirred up a furore over the fact Carol Thatcher compared a black guy to a golliwog.


this politically correct nonsense is stupid. Now obviously I'm not a fan of thatcher or her vile mother Maggie, but she should be allowed free speech. Also this was in private, and not actually on air, so the public were not there to be offended. why is it in matters like these it is trendy left (as opposed to the genuine left) liberal white people who get offended by these things? I rarely see ordinary black or other "ethnic minorities "( How I loathe that term) kicking up a fuss.

these whingeing social engineers are always ready to moan when something that goes against their skewed viewpoint pops up. "ethnic minorities" are not "ethnic minorities". they are people who happen to be a different race and/or religion. stop pigeonholing and let them think for themselves. it is people like these pcliberals who stop them from being Incorporated into our society. constantly pointing their differences out turns them into outsiders. treat them as people not some hobbyhorse. I owned a golliwog as a child. never did me any harm. I don't really see them as hateful. if you think a black person looks like that, then who's the racist? not that hair-brained toff carol thatcher.

I want social,political and economic equality for everyone. black or white, male or female, gay,straight or bi. everyone. all people. dividing people along the lines of gender, race or sexuality is stupid and harmful. so is constantly pussy-footing around matters in case,gods forbid, one of your precious "minorities" might be offended. do I care? use your common sense. if this blog encourages one thing it is to think for yourself. always question the official line. always make your own mind up. don't just blindly follow the status quo.

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