Monday, 2 February 2009

a free media

I believe that if we are to have a truly beneficial media it must be a free two-way operation. In an anarchist society, the media should/would be a freer participatory affair where there is not some single independent capitalist institution barraging us with advertisements and fixed (largely incorrect) views on events, filtered through statist ideology. The media should be a free bottom up medium,collectively owned by the people of the community. everyone should be able to add to it and alter it to fit the needs of society. At the moment it is an instrument of propaganda.

the media should benefit and serve the community rather then a bunch of corporations who own a monopoly on the main stream mass media. it's probably the reason I prefer the non-mainstream media, because it shows alternative points of view and is interactive to a much higher level. This blog for example is completely interactive, in that anyone reading this can add a comment or question, and if it is legitimate, and polite I will answer and explain anything I say on here in further detail. would you truly get that with the mainstream media? course not. there have been rare occasions when I've had to delete a comment but there were only two occasions of that and they were both basically pieces of spam from a rothbardian feudalist who was patronising and was essentially using my blog to advertise his misguided books and site. do not use my blog to advertise your stuff. If you have a good political site/blog and I like it I may decide to add it to my link list, but only use the comments function to leave reasonable comments.

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