Tuesday, 17 February 2009

market anarchism

I'm currently doing research into market anarchism.

I can safely "anarcho" capitalism is not market anarchism ( it supports capitalism, capitalism cannot exist without a state and anarchists have been against capitalism for the entire 150 years that anarchism has been around ) and neither is agorism (it came out of "anarcho" capitalism and supports capitalism, so it isn't anarchism either. I don't want people to think I'm somehow being bossy and insisting people take my view of what anarchism is and isn't. it's that just I, and a lot of other anarchists, actually know what anarchism is whereas "anarcho" capitalists have used the limited and inaccurate dictionary definition of anarchism as just not having government, whereas in actual fact there are a few basic tenets that all anarchists believe in that gives each school of anarchism a basic thread that ties them together in the broader tradition of anarchist thought,). I have previously shown that rothbardians (and therefore agoreists by assosiation) actually do support a state it's just they've twisted the definitions of what a state is, so that it looks like they don't.

this looking into market anarchism may prove to be interesting and I'll write my thoughts here.
Having anarchist-without-adjectives leanings I am very tolerant of other forms of anarchism, even types I don't particulary like, such as egoist-anarchism- but if it isn't anarchism but protends to be and basically subverts it then obviously I'll have a go at it every now and again

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